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With funding provided by the state, the Henderson Family YMCA and other North Carolina YMCAs are working to increase awareness about mental health resources available to teens and their families in 2024 and beyond. Many teens in North Carolina and nationwide are experiencing mental health challenges, but help is available!

You Are Not Alone:
Supporting Teens Struggling with Mental Health

Our Youth Development staff are trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid, so they are equipped to identify potential mental health struggles and know how to help young people in crisis and non-crisis situations. 

To provide further support, the new Teen Mental Health Resource Hub provides a variety of resources for teens and their families. With the Y’s “Mental Health Has No Face” campaign, we are working to increase awareness about teen mental health resources and to destigmatize teen mental health.

Mental illness can affect anyone—regardless of age, race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, income, or social status. It could be the friend you know is having problems at home or the friend who seemingly has it all together. 

And our mental health affects every aspect of our lives–from our thoughts, feelings, and actions to how we handle relationships, stress, and decision-making. These effects aren’t limited to any particular group of people, either. Millions of people in the U.S. struggle with mental health-related challenges each year.

Contact James Alexander or 252.438.2144, ext. 140