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Mental Health
Teen Mental Health Resource Hub & Awareness Campaign

Group Swim Lessons

Swimming is a life-long skill that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age. We aim to help kids and adults overcome fears, build confidence in the water, learn water safety, and develop skills that last a lifetime.  Among its many benefits, swimming teaches life lessons of sport and sportsmanship. Our instructors are excited to help teach you to swim! Our group swim lessons use a progression curriculum that will put swimmers on a clear track toward their goals. We focus on creating strong swimmers through customized skill development based on age, swimming ability, level of physical development, and confidence in the water. Each swimmer will advance to the next level when the necessary skills are acquired.


Summer Feeding Service

The summer is a particularly vulnerable time for kids who rely on free or reduced-price meals during the school year. At the Y, we know that children who receive daily nutrition are set up to succeed. That’s why we’re helping kids reach their full potential by providing free access to healthy snacks and meals when school’s out for summer. 


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