We will begin these services in a later Phase once restrictions are relaxed by the Governor.  


The YMCA offers a drop-in nursery service for our members with family memberships. The nursery serves children under 6 years of age. We cannot accept more than 20 children in the nursery at any given time. The children will be taken on a “first come, first served” basis and may stay in the Nursery for a maximum of 2 hours per session - morning and evening. Our nursery staff is certified in CPR/AED and First Aid. (We are not licensed by the state of North Carolina but registered with the NC Division of Child Development).

Nursery Hours

Monday – 8:30-11:30am; 4:30-8:30pm

Tuesday – 8:30-1:30; 5:30-8:30

Wednesday – 8:30-11:30; 4:30-8:30

Thursday – 8:30-1:30; 5:30-8:30

Friday – 8:30-12:30; 5:30-8:30

Saturday – 8:00-11:30


Kids Zone - Monday through Friday - 5:30 - 8:30 pm

Kids Zone serves members from 6-12 years. The staff works hard to make the environment a safe, happy and fun place to be for your kids. Kids Zone meets in the multipurpose room between 5:30-6:00 pm. Then at other times as follows:


Mon - Kids gym—sports

Tues - Kids gym—sports & games

Wed - Pool - swimming

Thurs - Multi-purpose room - movie night